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Ruger KnivesColumbia River (CRKT) has released a great series of knives under the Ruger band. Ruger, of course, is one of the major American firearms manufacturers. Like other CRKT products, the Ruger knives benefit from excellent designs from excellent custom knife makers. A great example of this is the Go-N-Heavy folder pictured here which features not only a skeletonized aluminum handle but also the design talent of famous maker Bill Harsey. Click here to review the Ruger product line.




Spyderco PattadaThe Pattada is a classic shepherd’s knife from the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean. Spyderco’s take on the knife is a sleek design made in Italy and featuring a Bohler N690Co steel. Click here to order your Spyderco Pattada.


Ken Richardson BowieA perfect product for western reenactors and anybody who likes old school fixed blade knives, the Ken Richardson Bowie is the perfect match. Crown stag and spring steel will not only take you back more than a century but will perform like any modern knife. Click to order a Ken Richardson Bowie.


Stone River KnivesCeramic knife blades are made from incredibly hard zirconium oxide. The downside is that the blades are somewhat brittle and somewhat delicate. The uside is that they hold a edge nearly forever. Stone River has put a complete line of ceramic bladed knives on the market with a variety of designs and intended uses. Click here to review the Stone River product line.


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